Customers and car rental service providers often share strained dynamics. From a customer’s point of view, car rental companies are viewed as scheming, money-hungry establishments that will over-charge the client at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, businesses sometimes have to make the decision between pocketing the losses or diluting the customer experience. Hence, it can be tough to locate the perfect trade-off where customers and service providers can walk away happy.

car inspection automation for car rental industry

Fortunately, the proliferation of technology is bridging this gap. Here’s a look at how car inspection automation using AI can make the car rental process painless:

Rental Car Manual Inspection Pain Points
Vehicle failure or overlooking safety concerns to overcharging or undercharging the client for the rental service - Improper car inspections could give rise to future complications and consequences. Hence, car inspection is of utmost importance before and after renting out or getting it back in the garage.

car inspection automation for car rental industry

In this aspect, thorough manual car inspection can give rise to the following issues:
• Typically, car inspections follow a defined, well-documented SOP, which means that it involves a lot of paperwork that needs to be recorded and maintained.
• Maintaining accuracy can be difficult when an individual is manually filling out forms.
• In addition to the above, manual car inspections cost time, labor, and money, with each inspection taking up at least 15 minutes and $30.
• Delayed rental process would give rise to poor and unsatisfactory customer experience.
• And, of course, one cannot discount the lack of trust and transparency between car rental players and customers.

Use Case: AI-Powered Automation of Car Inspection
With automation and AI-powered technologies, car inspections will be easier both at the pick-up and drop-off points. It charts the following workflow:
• Data Capture: Recording a 360-degrees video of the car along with images of the fuel meter and odometer reading.
• Detect: Detection of damages, dents, and variations in meter-readings, if any.
• Assess: Collection of video/image analysis findings and recording the corresponding charges and approval status.
• Reporting: Creation of report of all the findings and sharing it with the car rental company and the customer.

car inspection automation for car rental industry

The positive impact of car inspection automation using AI is quite straightforward:
• Instant approval or rejection of car rental requests.
• 96% accuracy with no margin for human error.
• Complete documentation of key aspects with no room for tampering or fraudulence.
• Sustained consistency due to machine learning and deep learning capabilities that also enhance accuracy.
• Report preparation takes nearly 15 seconds.
• All findings and readings are backed by data; thus, it improves customer experience.
• Rental companies pay as low as $1 per inspection.

Final Thoughts
Car inspection automation using AI is bound to benefit every stakeholder involved in the car rental industry. Customers can get on-demand services with improved transparency. Companies are saving on labor and costs while offering improved customer experience. Overall, it will inculcate a mutual feeling of trust between the customer and the service providers due to the sharing of verifiable data. As a result, businesses will register increased customer retention, profitability, and growth!