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Car damage & claim assessment is a crucial part of rental services and insurance claim settlement. However, physical inspections take an inordinate amount of time.

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Enter Remote Inspections.

Remote inspection overcomes all the challenges faced by physical inspection. It makes use of top-notch technology to add to customer convenience. As such, it offers the following benefits:

· Remote inspection can be carried out at anytime and anywhere. Customers no longer have to visit the office. Neither does an inspector have to travel all the way to carry out a car damage & claim assessment. Hence, it is extremely convenient and even eco-friendly!

· One of the greatest advantages of remote inspection is available in the form of time and money saved during the process. You no longer have to struggle with scheduling and planning as everything is available in the click of a button. At the same time, you cut down on the costs involved in traveling and documentation.

· Since remote inspection involved high-end technology, it has scope for integration of AI inspections and automated claim assessment to further expedite the process and make it error-free.

· Most importantly, remote inspection adds to the customer experience as they draw from the speed, efficiency, and convenience of the complete experience. On the other hand, businesses can improve their bottom line and increase their profitability.

App Download: The Greatest Enemy of Remote Inspection

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“Excuse me, sir/ma’am, might I suggest that you download our app for remote inspection from the Play Store?”

How many times has this line put off clients or attracted exasperated sighs? If you have lost count, then the problem lies with the approach.

When you see it from an alternative perspective, it makes absolute sense as to why your clients wouldn’t be willing to go all the way. They see no advantage in downloading an app for a one-off task that they may perform infrequently. Hence, they do not see the need to download and install it. Clearly, this strategy needs a reboot.

You may load your apps with amazing features, such as automated claim assessment or AI inspection. However, you may still struggle with the client’s reluctance to embrace the idea of using dedicated apps.

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For this very reason, Inspektlabs presents remote inspection through weblinks. Here’s how it works:

· The client receives an SMS (text message) containing the link for car damage & claim assessment.

· On opening the link on their smartphone, they can use the device camera to capture the raw video footage and share it with the rental service provider or insurer.

· The footage is then analyzed through AI inspections, and the reports are shared with the client in about 1 to 15 minutes.

· Depending on the findings, an automated claim assessment process is carried out.

· In case the video is unclear, dark, or blurry, the client receives another prompt that the video has been rejected along with the exact reason. The message also contains a link to recapture the video, and the client can complete the task with due consideration for the feedback.

As one can see from above, the process does not require any app or integration and is entirely effortless!

Concluding Thoughts

Remote inspection through weblinks allows businesses to carry out car damage & claim assessment in the most responsive, accurate, and cost-effective way. At the same time, clients enjoy the sheer comfort and convenience offered by this service. Additionally, being charged fair and square increases their trust in you, which will eventually accelerate your business’s growth.

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