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Inspektlabs inaugurated its European headquarters in Leiden, the Netherlands, after two years of successfully onboarding various clients on the European market. An important reason for establishing a local European presence is to be closer to the client base to provide superior service and better comprehend each region's local regulations and needs.

Inspektlabs Netherlands HQ

Inspektlabs engaged Han Verbaas and Alain Drost to initiate and oversee the expansion in the European market. Alain Drost, background in insurance marketplace; "Inspektlabs' solution can improve the customer journey and increase efficiency in existing workflows for the insurance, automotive, and mobility market by implementing Digital Car Inspection. European presence will help Inspektlabs to think global and act local."

This milestone is an exciting and noteworthy juncture in Inspektlabs' journey. As we continue to grow, we intend to keep expanding our presence throughout the international markets.

About Inspektlabs

Inspektlabs was founded in 2019 as a platform using patent-pending computer vision, AI, and ML technologies to automate vehicle inspections, first for the automotive, mobility, and insurance sectors. An automated vehicle inspection has many advantages over a traditional human inspection. Inspektlabs helps clients across various industries to realize these advantages and stay competitive. Currently headquartered in Delaware, United States, Inspektlabs has research centers in India and a worldwide presence in over ten countries, where it has conducted over 1 million inspections.

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