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Inspektlabs was thrilled and honored to participate in the BMW Group´s Newcomer Day 2022. Inspektlabs was among the ten select startups invited to the Newcomer Day event, which was held in Munich. We are grateful that we were invited to this unique opportunity - and especially to finally meet all the people in person we have been working with for the last one year!

Our in-person interaction with the representatives of BMW Group across their different departments helped us strengthen our partnership with the world-renowned auto manufacturer.

Inspektlabs Joins BMW Group´s Newcomer Day Event 2022 | Inspektlabs

What is the Newcomer Day Event?

The Newcomer Day event is hosted by the BMW Group's venture client unit, i.e., BMW Startup Garage. This venture looks for ideas that will improve the systems, processes, services, and products of the BMW Group. The program's objective is to assess startups and prepare them to establish long-term partnerships with the BMW Group to boost the group's innovation leadership.

How Does This Partnership Benefit BMW Group?

With OEMs, Inspektlabs focuses on automating vehicle inspections using photos/videos for after-market verticals such as used car and car leasing businesses. Inspektlabs aims to create value and impact for the BMW Group's various business units. Inspektlabs' AI-powered solutions eliminate manual car inspections, making the manufacturing process far more efficient. At the event, we illustrated how automated vehicle inspections regulate quality control, ensuring that a top OEM such as BMW Group delivers its customers the best in class products and services.

How Does Inspektlabs Cater to OEMs?

Reliable and efficient vehicle inspections are essential for quality assurance and damage detection before the vehicle leaves an OEM's custody. Traditionally, OEMs relied on human inspectors to conduct these inspections. Manual inspections are riddled with inconsistencies and are prone to human error and subjectivity. However, with Inspektlabs' industry-leading digital vehicle inspection solutions, OEMs no longer need manual inspections. Inspektlabs' AI enables damage detection and generates reliable vehicle condition reports.

Before handing over a car to customers, OEMs can thoroughly analyze the vehicle's state by reviewing photos/videos using Inspektlabs' AI. By identifying dents, scratches, cracks, and numerous other damages, AI technology eliminates the need for human inspections. Furthermore, Inspektlabs' API can flag potential issues and damages that the OEM can then address.


Inspektlabs' participation at the Newcomer Day Event 2022 hosted by the BMW Group was a fruitful and rewarding experience. Partnering with a market leader such as BMW Group in the automotive industry is helping us improve our digital inspection solution even further. BMW Group is one of our marquee partners, and we expect our relationship with the company to develop and flourish over the coming years.

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