How To Do A Car Inspection? | Inspektlabs

The next time you require a car inspection, ensure that you get a digital inspection conducted on your vehicle. Many body shops offer these inspections either remotely or at their inspection site.

How To Do A Car Inspection? | Inspektlabs

This post will cover how you can conduct a car inspection. We will briefly introduce car inspections and why you may need one. Then, we will go over the two approaches for getting your car inspected, viz., manual and digital inspections. After taking a brief look at both methods, we will cover the steps you need to follow while conducting a self-inspection before concluding.


There are many situations wherein you will require a car inspection. Many car owners have a fundamental idea of how to go about checking whether the car is in working condition. However, they may not be aware of how to inspect it thoroughly. Since most of us are not experts in car inspections, some guidance can help you. Let us explore how you can inspect a car and what factors experts tend to look for. Before we get into that, let us briefly consider why car inspections are essential and why you may require one.

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Why Are Car Inspections Needed?

Car inspections are essential and integral to ensuring that you are safe while on the road. These inspections provide a clear picture of the condition of your vehicle and if it needs any work done. In many regions, car inspections can also be necessary for complying with transport regulations. You will also most likely require a car inspection if you want to purchase an insurance plan for your vehicle.

Generally, experts recommend getting your car inspected regularly to ensure that it is in perfect working condition and safe to drive. In most of the scenarios mentioned above, you will ideally go through a body shop to get your car inspected. However, there are also a few scenarios where you must check the vehicle.

  • Car Rentals – If you want to rent a car out, it's always a good idea to inspect it before and after the rental. This factor ensures that you can maintain an accurate record of the vehicle's condition to prove or disprove any of the claims that may arise later. Many car renters complain that they were falsely charged for damages they did not cause, and in most cases, they cannot prove their innocence because they don't have an accurate record.
  • After an Accident – If your car was recently in a minor accident or was out during a hailstorm, it is always wise to inspect it yourself to assess the damages. You can decide whether to take it to the garage based on your assessment. In certain situations, the damage may appear external and merely cosmetic. However, there may also be internal damages you cannot spot through a visual check. Therefore, a vehicle inspection is the best way forward.
  • Buying a Used Car – If you are ever in the market to buy a used car, a thorough vehicle inspection will help you do some much-needed due diligence. Before making any purchases, you should thoroughly inspect a used car to ensure that all the components are functioning as intended. Inspecting a vehicle before buying it will also help you get a favorable deal if you spot damages or other issues during the inspection process.  

Now that we know the cases where you might need to inspect a car let us look at how you can do so.

How Can You Inspect a Car?

Inspecting a car requires you to check many different factors, such as the engine, the windshield, the panels, the brakes, and other elements that are important for the proper functioning of your vehicle. There are two approaches through which you can conduct car inspections, viz., manually and digitally.

  1. Manual Inspections – This approach will require you to physically inspect your car and take notes about the different concerns or issues you spot. Traditionally, this is how even body shops conduct car inspections. While this approach seems straightforward, it is pretty complex. If you do not have the proper training and tools to inspect a car, you will not be able to conduct a thorough inspection. Even today, numerous people work as human inspectors with decades of training and experience in inspecting cars. Therefore, while it is possible to examine a car manually, it can be quite challenging and complex for the average car owner.
  • Manual inspections are unreliable because they are often prone to human error, and even experts can miss crucial details.
  • Manual inspections are highly inefficient and time-consuming.
  • They also require more resources, for example, specialized equipment, etc.
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2. Digital Inspections – Digital inspections are undoubtedly the better option for conducting car inspections. Under this framework, the entire process is digitized, which makes it more efficient and reliable. Digital vehicle inspections are gradually becoming the norm in the industry and are much more straightforward to navigate. For example, any user can inspect a car through Inspektlabs' app for vehicle inspections without much hassle. Digital inspections are also becoming the preferred tool for car rental and leasing businesses. The rise of the sharing economy is also fueling the popularity of digital inspections.

  • Fewer resources are required when conducting a digital inspection, and car owners can complete the process independently.
  • Most smartphones have high-resolution cameras that can capture intricate details about the vehicle's condition in the right environment.
  • There are certain guiding principles to remember while conducting a digital car inspection. If you follow these guidelines, you can perform a thorough and detailed car inspection yourself.
  • Digital inspections are also trusted by insurers, businesses, body shops, and car owners alike because of their reliability. AI-based inspection solutions like Inspektlabs have fraud detection capabilities that drastically reduce the scope of fraud in the process.

How Can You Conduct a Digital Inspection?

Since digital inspections are straightforward, you will not have issues conducting a self-inspection. A comprehensive vehicle inspection solution will only require you to capture the vehicle through photos and videos, and it will conduct the inspection autonomously. Users also receive an AI-generated inspection report that gives a detailed analysis of the damages to the car. Sophisticated vehicle inspection solutions, such as those offered by Inspektlabs, will also recommend the course of action, such as repair versus replacement decisions. Inspektlabs' AI also guides users throughout the process of capturing the vehicle through a car 360° video. This guided capture approach allows users to capture highly accurate and reliable videos of the car, which leads to reliable vehicle condition reports. These digital inspections take responsibility away from humans, drastically improving their accuracy and reliability.


Now you know about the advantages that digital car inspections have over manual inspections. The next time you require a car inspection, ensure that you get a digital inspection conducted on your vehicle. Many body shops offer these inspections either remotely or at their inspection site. Either way, getting a digital inspection is undoubtedly the better option.