With the advent of trends such as shared economy and e-commerce, assets are changing hands more often. Every time an asset changes hands, there is a need to perform inspection on the asset for any damages.

Inspektlabs offers Inspection-as-a-Service (IaaS) i.e. we automate inspection process using AI/Machine learning and user-generated smartphone photos or videos of any asset.

Accurate Inspections

98%+ Accuracy

Quick Inspections

Under 15 sec

Consistent Inspections

Remove variability in Inspections


Shared Economy

Car Rentals

Damage detection before and after the trip
Odometer and Fuel meter reading

Used Cars

Damage detection
Car valuation

Accomodation sharing

Property damage assessment

Financial Services

Motor Insurance

Damage detection
Repair vs Replace
Claim value estimation


Car valuation
Property valuation



Damage detection on returned products
Valuation of returned products

Our Solutions

Damage Detection

Various types of damages will be recognised and detected within seconds

Claim Assessment

Claim value estimation and repair vs. replace recommendation

Text Detection

Read various texts on the asset e.g., license plate, odometer, VIN etc

Asset Valuation

Asset valuation based on condition of the asset

Salvage Analysis

Improve the accuracy and speed of salvage bids and parts grading

Fraud Detection

Fraud rate reduction through past claims, pattern analysis

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